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My first wedding (2013)

Enjoying photography, my (now) sister-in law entrusted me as a second shooter for her wedding day.

I remember having to hire out all the professional equipment in order to cover her special day! Determination and thinking outside the box definitely works. The excitement and simplicity of shooting straight from my heart and raw style, created wedding images that were elegant and memorable; with the bride being extremely impressed with my work.

This same "looking through the lens" is what I am aiming to return to. That natural talent, without being influenced by what is seen on social media, with over editing or others' style, but the Remi Benson's style of capturing you in your natural element and telling a story of the day.

Thankfully, there's no longer any need to hire out equipment! With my camera equipment growing over the years, Remi Benson Photography now have various lenses to capture the bride and groom and their guests from all angles and distances! Shooting only with Canon lenses, we provide end images that you won't be disappointed with

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