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Happy New Year, from the team here at Remi Benson Photography

Happy New Year to all our previous, current and future clients!

What a unique year 2020 was, and what a unique year 2021 will also be, so be prepared.

Thank you to all our clients that trusted us with their amended, yet small, intimate, and beautiful weddings or occasions last year. I’m humbled to have covered your events and look forward to covering, most likely, more small and intimate events this year also.

With the pandemic rife, a lot of requests we got asked last year was for reduced package prices. We struggled with rates, given the amount invested in this photography business - from new lens, to new camera - to ensure pictures captured stay current, fresh, and “wow”. However, we understood everyone’s position, and almost where possible, varied rates were offered, to reflect reduced hours worked (as reception parties were near enough cancelled). We’ve also created a new brochure price list to reflect what we know, will also be a unique 2021. Just our little way to help our clients (current and future).

We’ve recently invested in a new Canon Mirrorless Camera, and we’re so excited to cover our first official wedding of the year in February with this new equipment! They say “boys and their toys”, but really, the excitement comes when we see the beauty captured behind new cameras or lenses!

2021 will be a busy year, with new bookings and also 2020 postponed events. So even if it’s not me you’ll be using (although we’d love it to be!), do get your bookings sorted ASAP. Most photographers ask for just a deposit, and given the unknown, more than always, try and be as flexible as possible (ie, if event dates need to be changed as new rules come in).

Do stay safe guys, and remember to follow @remi_benson for all up to date photography work, and to see the man behind the camera

Remi Benson

Creative Director @Photography By Remi Benson

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