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Win My Wedding - Package worth over £30k!

Win My Wedding, what’s it all about! Over a month ago, I (Remi Benson Photography), started this initiative with a group of over 30 other amazing wedding professionals.

Also working as a key worker, a radio discussion with a couple who have had to cancel their own wedding due to covid really touched my heart for 2 reasons:

1. The father of one of the couple was dying, and it almost felt as though the dad wanted to hold on for as long as possible to see the wedding. Having my own mother pass away suddenly 2 months before my wedding day 5 years ago, I could empathise with the couple.

2. The venue the couple was to use gave no choice to the couple but to lose 80% of the money they had already paid, or postpone to 2021 and pay 2021 prices. Being in the wedding industry myself, I could understand where the venue was coming from but also felt the clear grief and pain the couple was going through.

That got me thinking, and after speaking with a DJ friend (DJ Sombodi), we agreed to give away just our services free to one lucky couple at their wedding. However, this concept quickly changed after getting home and speaking to my wife! She never does things by halves! She advised me to plan it all, pull together a whole wedding for one deserving couple to win! And as she thankfully is a project manager on maternity leave, she assured me it’s something we could deliver, if we could find other kind wedding professionals like myself & DJ Sombodi.

Since then, we do have 33 fantastic wedding vendors on board, all giving back of their time and service, because they too wanted to do something good during this period. To them, we are very grateful

If you, or anyone you know are a newly wed or have had wedding plans affected due to covid, please do check out this great giveaway. We’re looking for someone deserving to win, and the giveaway closes 30 June. You can find out more at @win_mywedding or

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